Australis and the community

Environmental Health and Safety track record

We utilise our board-endorsed EHS Policy that states that “…Our objective is to operate our business in a responsible and appropriate manner, which respects the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors, the members of the communities and the environment in which we operate.” Our policy mandates that EHS management will remain an integral component of our whole business; bound by all laws and will follow industry best practices. It requires us to maintain an EHS Manual for field operations and associated detailed procedures and to follow industry best practices for environmental protection, including: remote shut down, automated shutdown, spill containment systems, vapor collection, corrosion protection, preventive maintenance program, etc. Our Emergency Response Plan and notification chain are based on the internationally-recognized Incident Command Structure. We follow the Global Harmonized System for hazardous substances. Additionally, we have established the following standards for operating our business:

  • We investigate all EHS-related incidents, including Root Cause Analysis and assignment of corrective actions.
  • EHS performance targets are established annually, tied to employee remuneration.
  • Team members bring deep experience from industry-leading companies with strong EHS cultures and performance expectations.
  • Since we began field operations in the USA in 2017, we have produced 617,000 bbls, >5,000 water and oil truck loads, and >36,300 work hours:
    • No spills impacting the environment
    • No injuries beyond First Aid
    • No EHS regulatory or permit violations
    • We met or exceeded all internal EHS targets in 2017, and are on track to meet them in 2018 (as of 01-May).
  • Stakeholder engagement in our producing asset in the US:
    • Proactively engaged local governments on air quality and water management issues in Mississippi, USA
    • Conducted a joint Emergency Response Drill with local government in our operations area in October 2017
    • Maintain 24-hour emergency hotline with posted signage for the public and landowners
    • Coordinated appreciation event honoring local emergency responders in Texas after Hurricane Harvey
    • Collaborated with local government to address access road maintenance issues at our field location.
  • In Portugal, Australis has already engaged with local, regional and national stakeholders and will continue to engage with the community as we continue to plan for future operations.